Paylily provides a number of benefits that overcome problems with traditional paper and electronic timesheet systems.

General Staffing Problems

Paylily Benefits

Different client requirements - can't force customers to change Clients can chose electronic, paper, or hybrid timesheets
Bolt-on timesheet systems don't fit your needs Paylily is designed specifically for staffing companies
Seat licenses, setup costs, etc. are too expensive Pay as you go, $0.50 per timesheet


Admin Problems

Paylily Benefits

Data entry into multiple systems is inefficient and error-prone Paylily eliminated data entry by integration with front and back office systems
Did you get my timesheet phone calls Paylily notifies your employees automatically
Sorting, copy, filing of paper timesheets Paylily archives all your timesheets and lets your search past timesheets
Reports are inconsistent and have to be done by hand Paylily offers a number of reporting options


Client Problems

Paylily Benefits

Timesheets are not legible, complete, or added up correctly Paylily verifies the data before the client sees it
Need ink signatures Paylily supports paper and hybrid timesheets with ink signatures
Electronic timesheets are complicated for the client Paylily makes it simple


Employee Problems

Paylily Benefits

Visibility into the approval process Paylily notifies employees each step of the way
Getting paid on time Electronic notifications and approval streamlines process
No Internet access Paper timesheets available for these employees


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